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Life of the Dayak Punan

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Punan is one of the groups contained in the Dayak tribe of West Kalimantan, CentralKalimantan and East Kalimantan. Punan Dayak are also scattered in Sabah and Sarawak,
 East Malaysia who are part of the island of Borneo. Its population is most prevalent in East Kalimantan was estimated that 8956 people Punan settlementsscattered in 77 locations. Punan itself has 14 sub clump them Hovongan Punan,Punan and Punan Kelay Uheng Kereho. 
Calculated from the presence of DayakPunan population is growing year has declined even tends to become extinct. Butnevertheless they are still not changed the pattern of their ancestral customs istiadadbelieved.


In the history or storythis ancestral origins come from the land called "Yunan" anarea of mainland ChinaThey came from the royal family of one of China's lost battlewhich then ran away with the boatsso the island of Borneo to the groundBecause they feel safethey then settled on the mainland.

primitive tribes

Of the whole tribe Dayakthe Punan is the most retarded both the culture and theirlivesIn general they are rather primitive by living in caves children and othertributaries. They also do not know the fine clothes and the development of civilization.Even odder than the Punan life is in general they feel fear and allergy to soapFor whatever reason no one knows for sure.

This primitive life circumstances bring them always moving from one place toanother place and kept away from other human groups. In their beliefs of the ancestors who had willed so. With such a lot of marks given are among those who died. Once buried, once they move into other areas. They strongly believe that thespirit of the dead will haunt them will not feel secure. Residents Punan people arecalled nomads and live in a group without split apart.

They were also pleased with the food such as raw vegetables from the forest treesor appeal Nibung (dala terrace). 
Similarly, fern leaves, or pumpkin forests that arewidely available. On rice was not too necessary for them. Their main food is umbutumbutan bulbs and forests, plus the game meat they could find. For even this raremeat they cook. If there is a game that they prefer to obtain the meat drying in the hot sun, so be pickled or dried meat flesh.


It is said that ancient Punan Dayak tribes greatly feared by others for being able tofight well. As "head hunters" or "ngayau" (in English termed the head hunter).Included in this category because it has a habit of cannibals cut off, take heart and guts his opponent is a common thing they do. They also have a habit of eating theright back their enemies killed in war as part of the body that is believed to be the most delicious food.

In everyday life they are always alert and ready to fight with anyoneincluding theferocious beasts in the woodsCombative tradition is inherited since their ancestors, as described above. They have a martial arts are very strong and different martial arts in general in societyMaybe martial arts that they have is theknowledge that they brought from the mainland of China origin of their ancestors.


Lives and their work based on the daily flood of love of nature. Indeed they could be related to trade with the general public, but not exchanged for money, but done inbarter (exchange). Who brought them are such as rattan, resin, wood aloes, nestwallet. Who bartered with salt, sugar, tobacco or cigarettes.
 And there are also clothKainan.

Exchange barangpun indirect way to meet people, but that brought goods placedsomewhere that is available. After they were taken and paid for the goods as well as the goods they needed. After making sure delivery is not there, only then can theytake goods that belong to them.

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Lorentz rescue 26 members of the expedition which seized the Free Papua Movement in Papua Jayawijaya conducted by foreign troops, the military and one of its members named Teddy Kardin, senior member Wanadri. Teddy has the expertise to track and interpret the trace of Dayak Punan. 
Teddy learned when helived long with Punan Dayak in Kalimantan.

In fact, when the East Timor operation (1991), Prabowo (Kopassus) and the fouryoung men taking teddy Dayak Punan to it ...

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